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Rod Neer - PopKick 2021 - NFT Football Art

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Rod Neer - The Artist

Rod Neer, born 1951, is working as a freelance artist in Waiblingen / Germany. His art developed not in academic training, but through an iterative process in the Academy of Life. His training as a color lithographer gave him the technical skills to design with color and absolute precision and his work is still influenced by his screen printing experience. Studying economics gave him an independent, rational way of thinking: breaking free from existing structures and pursuing new paths, ideas and products. That's how the economy works and Rod Neer applies the saem ideas in his art. His work is a constant search with passion and excitement for novelty. Rod Neer's life has been a visual stroll with open eyes through the world of art. His art combines craftsmanship, harmony, imagination and a sense of color. Since 1998, Rod Neer specialises in digital Pop Art and is regarded as a representative of the avantgarde in this segment.

Rod Neer's clients include Volkswagen, Citroen, Mercedes-Benz. His artworks are sold world-wide. One well-known afficionado of his art is Ferdinand Piech, automobile industry tycoon and art collector, who purchased Rod Neer's "New Beetle&qiot; edition of 9 digital images on behalf of Volkswagen.

Rod Neer about the PopKick Edition

The PopKick Edition is part of a series of Pop Art pictures that capture the magic of football. Football is creativity and the courage to take risks, but also discipline and stamina, ambition and fighting spirit. Fun and suspense are the core of the game, and that's how I also see my art.

The fun, the joy of art, visualising the possible and the unexpected, the visual language flows into a dynamic process. The fundamental element of football is of course the ball. Ball is movement, dynamism and thrills. "Chance and luck" are also components of the game. I use the same concepts to create the PopKick series, capturing the electric atmosphere of a football match through the medium of art. The suspense on the pitch is mirrored on the canvas. Power merges in the composition of the picture. A snapshot of the emotions, preserving the present moment. The ball is the focus, the players become the cast. My favorite format is the square, connecting with symmetry of the ball and reflecting the demarcation of the pitch. The fascination of football flows into a digital perspective.

The PopKick Edition as NFT

The first work (Pop Kick 1) was published on the Ethereum Blockchain as a non-fungible token (NFT). This unique original NFT is now for sale at a price of 1.75 Ethereum (approx. 5000 euros). The owner of the NFT has access to the highest resolution (over 300dpi) and a vector file for printing in the best print quality.

In addition to the original NFT, a series of the same work with a limited edition of 1000 semi-fungible tokens is also on offer on the Stellar Blockchain. A token of this edition is available at an affordable price for sports fans of 10 Euros. The token holders of the 1000-series have the option of ordering a printed poster in 150dpi.

The complete "Pop-Kick" edition currently comprises 20 works, which will be released gradually as an original NFT on the Etherium blockchain and as a 1000-series token on the Stellar blockchain. The tokens are tradable at any time on Opensea (original NFT) or Stellarterm (1000 series token).

Ball Spieler 1 Preview

Rod Neer 2021 - PopKick 1
Available for sale: Original, 1000-series

Rod Neer - Tor 1 Preview

Rod Neer 2021 - PopKick 2
Coming Soon

Rod Neer 005

Rod Neer 2021 - PopKick 5
Coming Soon

Rod Neer 006

Rod Neer 2021 - PopKick 6
Coming Soon

Rod Neer 016

Rod Neer 2021 - PopKick 16
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Rod Neer 003

Rod Neer 2021 - PopKick 17
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Rod Neer 003

Rod Neer 2021 - PopKick 3
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Rod Neer 004

Rod Neer 2021 - PopKick 4
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